Difference between hard shell jacket and soft shell jacket Sep 13,2022
The simplest definition of a hard shell jacket is waterproof, usually windproof, so that you can stay dry and warm in rainy or windy days. If you are hiking or working outdoors in the cold and humid rain, and do not wear a warm layer under the shell, the outer fabric is likely to conduct your skin to become cold and make you feel cold. The hard shell jacket can solve this problem and bring you a comfortable and warm feeling. If you want to know more about the wholesale hardshell jackets, please contact us now.

Wholesale Hardshell Jackets Custom Soft shell Jackets

The soft shell jacket is flexible and can help protect you, but it won't reach the expected level of the hard shell jacket. It is usually made of softer fabrics, such as polyester or nylon, and can be used as an intermediate layer under a hard shell or alone in comfortable weather conditions. We provide high-quality custom soft shell jackets at wholesale prices.

Wxclothes offers high-quality and fashionable hard shell jackets and soft shell jackets. As an OEM & ODM jackets manufacturer in China, we have a professional design team to deal with your design and artwork quality. Please contact us for product catalog.

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