• WXCLOTHES wish every friend a happy new year in 2022!
    Jan 24, 2022 WXCLOTHES wish every friend a happy new year in 2022!
    WXCLOTHES has been working with friends for seven years. Along the way, we abide by business principles, professional focus and are committed to creating value for customers. From small to large, from weak to strong, we have made continuous progress and breakthroughs. We have gained a lot of honor and trust. All this is inseparable from your support and trust. In 2022, a new starting point, we will focus on the future, forge ahead, consistently provide high-quality products and services, and constantly promote the growth of enterprise value. WXCLOTHES Chinese New Year holiday is arranged as follows: From January 25 to February 8 Commencement on February 9 WXCLOTHES wishes you good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.
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  • Down Jacket Manufacturer - Weixiang Honor, Return After Learning!
    Nov 05,2021 Down Jacket Manufacturer - Weixiang Honor, Return After Learning!
    Down jacket manufacturer - Weixiang honor, return after learning! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- In order to bring better service to customers, Weixiang clothing company is not only improving knowledge, but also improving the management level of supervisors. Build a higher level of management team to make customers worry about delivery time and quality! Weixiang's family cherished this learning opportunity and treated their study with diligence and enthusiasm until 2 a.m. in the morning. With hard work and seriousness to repay the boss who gives us growth opportunities, but also with the knowledge learned to repay the customers who trust us! There is a road to the mountain of books. Diligence is the path. There is no end to learning. It is hard to make a boat. Weixiang stormsuit / down jacket manufacturer treats every customer with first-class quality and best service!
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  • Professional Down Jacket Manufacturing Expert- Weixiang Clothing Company
    Nov 05,2021 Professional Down Jacket Manufacturing Expert- Weixiang Clothing Company
    After several years of ups and downs in the garment industry, the general manager of SHISHI WEIXIANG CLOTHING CO.,LTD. established Weixiang clothing company in 2014. Weixiang Clothing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of down jacket, assault jacket, ski suit, windbreaker jacket, down products, etc. its products are exported to Europe, America, Asia and other markets. On the surface, the production processes of all types of clothing are roughly the same, but the production processes of special types of clothing are different. For down jacket, we should first consider its functionality, that is, thermal performance. Compared with ordinary clothing fabrics, down jacket generally selects high-density, breathable and waterproof fabrics, with higher materials and production costs, and higher requirements for production processes. Now let's briefly talk about the down content of down jacket and the classification of gallbladder cloth. Down content of down jacket: Down jacket is the general term of duck down and goose down. Down is divided into down and wool. Down mainly refers to the piece of down under the belly of Goose (duck), and wool will bring some stems. The type and fluffy degree of down is also a factor. In the market, it is now divided into four varieties: white duck down, white goose down, gray duck down and black duck down. The best is white goose down, followed by gray goose down, and then white duck down and gray duck down. Their main difference is color. White goose down has two advantages: because it is white, it can be widely used in light color fabrics and is not transparent; The advantages of fine, soft and long fiber tissue, especially long fiber, make the fluffy degree better and the warmth retention better. Duck down is relatively easy to harden due to its short fiber, which affects its warmth retention. Then, the down content of down jacket, which is less than 50%, can not be called down jacket. The down content of down jacket is generally 70% or more, because the down content is about 70%, it has the necessary fluffy and thermal performance of down jacket, and it is also the best use of down resources. Then we generally say 90 down, which means that 90% of down is down and 10% is wool. Secondly, there are 80 cashmere, 70 cashmere and so on. The name of 90 cashmere and 80 cashmere is based on the cashmere content. The higher the cashmere content, the better the quality and the better the heat preservation effect. Classification of down jackets: Weixiang clothing company's down jacket customization is positioned as medium and high-end. Generally, the categories of common bile cloth are 300t, 320t, 340t... 400t bile cloth. If you want to feel softer, you can choose nylon bladder cloth. Generally, the down with rubber bladder cloth is better for the down with less than 85%, and the down with less than 85% has more pieces and filaments. The down stalk will be easier to penetrate the fabric and run out, and the rubber bladder cloth will...
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  • WEIXIANG Clothing Co., Ltd. Introduction
    Oct 26,2021 WEIXIANG Clothing Co., Ltd. Introduction
    WEIXIANG Clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional outdoor clothing manufacturer. We have advanced generation equipment and production skills to undertake the customization of all kinds of outdoor clothing. More than ten years of down jacket customization and processing experience, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. There is a stable production line in Shishi, which can meet the requirements of customers in time, with guaranteed quality and on-time delivery. WEIXIANG company relies on excellent down jacket product quality and workmanship, as well as excellent design and R & D team. We have also cooperated with many companies for many years, mainly producing down jacket, cotton jacket, assault jacket, ski jacket, etc. at present, the cooperation is stable. The persistence and implementation of the concept of "art tide" and the requirements for garment quality are the key basis for our long-term cooperation with many companies.
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