Why is it called a down jacket? Oct 26,2021

Down jacket refers to the jacket filled with down filler, with a large and round shape. The down jacket generally accounts for more than half of the down. At the same time, it can be mixed with some small feathers. The down jacket is cleaned, sterilized at high temperature, and then filled in the clothes.

The most common fillings in down jackets are goose down and duck down, which can be divided into white down and gray down according to their color. According to the price of down jacket on the market, the order is: white goose down > gray goose down > white duck down > gray duck down. It may be affected by the price ranking. Therefore, many people think that these cashmere are also ranked in this way in terms of quality. In fact, it is not. Through the theoretical research and practical experience of down, generally speaking, goose down with the same quality and down content is better than duck down in warmth and fluffy, but the color has little to do with the quality of down jacket.

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