• Why is it called a down jacket? Oct 26, 2021
    Down jacket refers to the jacket filled with down filler, with a large and round shape. The down jacket generally accounts for more than half of the down. At the same time, it can be mixed with some small feathers. The down jacket is cleaned, sterilized at high temperature, and then filled in the clothes. The most common fillings in down jackets are goose down and duck down, which can be divided i...
  • Demand for men's sportswear Feb 24, 2023
    In the past few years, we can see that men's sportswear has started to rise, and its proportion has increased year by year. While satisfying the sense of comfort, it also carries people's various visions of life. If you plan to make men's sportswear or are looking for men's suppliers to provide customized services for your brand, please feel free to contact WXCLOTHES. We can provide customized ser...

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